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Our Services

Our low overhead and quality service allows us to stay on top of our competitors. We get unlimited parts delivery from multiple suppliers , giving us an advantage, not only price but on quality and performance parts. We are conveniently located in downtown Newark on Vogel St. Across from the Moose Lodge on National Dr. (ST.RT. 13). Feel free to call or stop in for a free estimate.

We service CPU Diagnostics, Suspension, Engine, Brakes, Steering, Exhaust Systems.

Auto Service, Mufflers, Struts, Welding

Auto Repair, Brakes, Suspension, Frame Repair

Exhaust, Shocks, Engine Repair, Exhaust Manifolds

Check Engine Light, Automotive Diagnostics, Exhaust Parts, Ball Joints

Control Arms, Wheel Bearings, Custom Exhaust, Mechanics, Foreign Automotive Repair